"...the best thing I've ever added to my facial routine."


Increase Glow.

Gentle pressure and motion promotes circulation, which plumps and firms skin and gives your skin the radiant glow we're all striving for. While improving circulation, the rolling also promotes collagen production and improves skin elasticity while tightening and reducing the size of pores. This helps increase absorption of your favorite beauty products, enabling them to soak into your skin on a deeper level for maximum effectiveness.

Calm your skin.

Using our mineral roller around your face stimulates blood circulation and decreases toxins in your body. It encourages the drainage of a clear white fluid called the lymph which helps depuffs the face. Its naturally cooling properties are known to effectively reduce inflammation and calm irritated skin while alleviating anxiety for a calm, relaxing experience.

Massage therapy.

Just as exercise can tone your body, the jade roller can tone your face. We  often overuse the muscles in our face—whether we bite our teeth or stare at the computer for too long, our facial muscles are constantly working. A couple minutes of Jin rolling a day can help unwind, de-knot, and tone those hard-working muscles that we too often overlook. 

Real Minerals.

All of our minerals are 100% naturally occurring and surface mined to reduce ecological footprint. No fancy electro-currents, lasers, or lithium batteries necessary. We believe in utilizing Earth's natural healing minerals to rejuvenate, replenish, and refresh our skin. 

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How-to Guide

Learn more on how to use our mineral rollers.


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